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For Home Buyers Frequently Asked Questions, go here.

Home Sellers Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Should a Seller Set a List Price for a Home?

A. In recent years home owners had been able to sell their houses for ever higher prices -- ignoring comparable sales.  Those days are ancient history.  Today, armed with mountains of information on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and other databases, buyers are fully informed about what similar homes sold for.  Moreover, it is now a buyers' market and buyers are definitely squeezing home sellers these days.

Some sellers, however, still believe in the old myth...[more]

Q. What Facts Should a Seller Disclose About the Home?

A.  Everything.  The law requires full disclosure.  A seller should never try to hide a problem with the property.  Sooner or later the buyer will find out and may, unfortunately, come back to the seller, armed with a lawyer.

Q.  Who pays for what fees and costs when buying a home in Las Vegas?

A.  There are common costs involved with the sale and purchase of a home in Las Vegas and Clark County.  To see a list of what buyers and sellers usually pay for, click here.

Q.  What is "Staging a Home" for Sale?

A. Think of "staging" as preparing your home to star at a big event.  As the star, your home should be dressed in a tuxedo (or ball gown), rather than appearing too casual, as if wearing sweats and a t-shirt.

As an agent with years and years of experience, I can tell you there are 2 important reasons for this:

1. Buyers automatically "discount" the price if a home is messy, cluttered or, worse yet, dirty.  The unspoken assumption is that owners who are careless with the appearance of the home were probably careless about upkeep of the home and its systems.  They assume that there may be problems in the future and either make no offer on the property or make a lower price offer.

2. Agents will often put a messy, cluttered home last on the list to show their buyers -- and the buyers may very well buy another home before they get to that messy one.

So take a look at a full page of details about how to put that "Star-in-a-Tuxedo" look into your home.

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